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Pirmas Narkobyz Date of issue: September 25, Narkobyz is a name of the biggest shaman Kobyz. By right it is regarded as one of the most ancient stringed musical instruments in the world.

It has two strings made of horsehair.

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The resonating cavity is usually covered with goat leather. Traditionally kobyzes were sacred instruments, owned by shamans and bakses traditional spiritual medics. According to legends, the kobyz and geriausios apsidraudimo poros music could banish evil spirits, sicknesses and death.

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In the s, when the first folk instrument orchestras were established in the Soviet kyl coin of Kazakhstan, a new kind of kobyz came into existence. It now had four metallic strings and thus became closer to a violin.

Nemokamas belaidis internetas 10,0 Helt unik perle. Ligger på en klippetop med en fantastisk udsigt, helt ugeneret.

Such a modernized kobyz can be used kyl coin play both Kazakh music and the most complicated works of violin literature. One of the few western musicians to use the kobyz is Trefor Goronwy.

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The kyl kyl coin is a stringed musical instrument used in Kyrgyz music. The instrument is carved from a single piece of wood typically apricot and typically measures cm. It has 2 strings, one to provide melody and the other resonance.

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The kyl kyyak is played vertically with a bow and can be played on horseback. The kyl coin and bow are normally made from horse hair and many instruments feature a carved horse's head.

Даже Алистра, казавшаяся сейчас такой наивной и безыскусной, скоро должна была обрести комплекс воспоминаний и талантов, превосходивших его воображение. Впрочем, его легкое недовольство сразу прошло.

This all reflects the importance of the horse in Kyrgyz rural culture. Letters of the legends and figures are pressed. The right part of the polished surface represents an old man playing Kobyz and sitting on a rug under the canopy of an exotic tree.

In the top and bottom parts of the coin, legends "Ag " and "24 gr. Reversas: The polished surface of the right part of the back side of the coin shows a representation of Narkobyz, Kazakh national musical instrument.

In the middle part there is conventionalized image of a music stand with a fragment of the written down melody of a song "Karlygash" by the composer Akhmet Zhubanov.

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Letters of the legend are pressed. In the top part a figure "", revolved by 90 degrees indicates the year of coinage, in the bottom part there is a trademark of Kazakhstan Mint.

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